miércoles, agosto 10, 2005

Reestructuración de la BD

  • Tx CJEN, desde nota OSS 52963 (Reestructuración de la BD Info Proyecto)


The system displays incorrect values in the hierarchy reports about
costs, revenues and/or budgets. The error only occurs for a special
project and you can hardly reproduce it in a new project.

Mas claro echarle agua.....

Que hace:

Transaction CJEN deletes the data records of the projects selected on the selection screen from the RPSCO/RPSQT and sets them up again based on tables BPPE, BPJA, BPGE, COSP, COSS, COSPP, COSSP, COSB, COSR, FMSU and FMSP.

  • Tx CJBN (Reestructuración del Control de Disponibilidad para Proyectos-CJBW)